In the past, the Yearbook was an annually-printed packet containing the KTMA event calendar, membership lists, and resource information for the membership. The only information printed in the Yearbook that is not available here on our website is a complete listing of all KMTA member teachers with addresses and phone numbers. Members can access this document through the Members Only page. Contact a Board officer for the current password to this page.

Because information often changes during the year, for the latest details on all our events (locations, dates, times), check the respective pages under Calendar and Events.

Here are links to the former Yearbook contents that can be found on our website:

Past Presidents

Code of Ethics (MTNA/WSMTA/KMTA)

Board Officers and Committee Chairs

Teacher Listing (online version is abbreviated)

Current Year Programs and Events (see individual web pages about each event)

Association Partner Program

Teaching Mentors Program

Nadean Clarke Memorial Scholarship (detailed on Competitions and Awards page)

Dorothy Woodcock Endowment

MAP (Adjudications) FAQ

MAP (Adjudications) and Chapter Honors Recital

Competitions and Awards (includes State Recitalist Competition)

Scholarship Recipients (historical listing, PDF format)



Most job descriptions were updated in 2017-2018. Please let a board member know if any revisions are needed.

Board Officer and Committee Chair Position Descriptions (PDF)

KMTA Investment Fund Committee (DWE and other funds)


KMTA Bylaws (March 2020 Update) (PDF)