WSMTA State Recitalist Competition, PIANO

WSMTA State Recitalist Competition – PIANO DIVISION

Students who participate in the WSMTA Music Artistry Program through the Kitsap Music Teachers Association may compete for the honor of representing KMTA in the annual WSMTA Honors Recitals during the June Conference.

WHEN: Saturday, March 26, 2022 (in conjunction with the KMTA Performance Competition)

WHERE: Gateway Fellowship, Poulsbo, WA

WHO: Students who participated in the WSMTA Music Artistry Program through KMTA  during the current year are eligible to compete.

  • Students must play two pieces from memory for the Visiting Artist to qualify .

HOW: The KMTA Performance Competition is decided by an impartial judge from outside the Kitsap Chapter of the Music Teachers Association, and is held in conjunction with the KMTA Performance Competition.

  • Students who also meet the eligibility requirements for the KMTA Performance Competition have the option to have their performance considered for one or both competitions by selecting accordingly on the Registration form.


The repertoire requirements are the same for both the KMTA Performance Competitions and the WSMTA State Recitalist Competition:

  • Students must perform one selection of music from any one of the standard periods of music (baroque, classical, romantic, impressionist, contemporary).
  • Performance time is limited to 5 minutes. Cuts are allowed in order to meet the 5 minute limit.
  • Multiple selections are permitted for dance suites, variations or prelude and fugue, time permitting.
  • Some transcriptions may be allowed.
  • Memorization is required for both the KMTA Performance Competition and the WSMTA State Recitalist Competition.
  • WSMTA Recitalist Competition candidates must select one of the two pieces they played during the Music Artistry Program to play in the competition.
  • Winners of the WSMTA State Recitalist Competition are required to perform the same selection of music in the State Honors Recital that they played in the competition.
  • Students MAY be asked to provide a legal score for the judge.
  • Students who provide an unlicensed photocopy of the score will be disqualified from winning any prize.


  • KMTA Performance Competitions are decided by impartial judges from outside the Kitsap Chapter of the Music Teachers Association.
  • The judge’s decisions are final. Any questions should be directed to the KMTA Competition Chair.
  • Winners and ranked alternates will be announced by April 25, 2021