Music Literacy Program Preparation

KMTA uses Music Literacy Program evaluations developed by the Washington State Music Teachers Association (WSMTA) at our Music Carnival event.


It is the responsibility of each teacher to prepare your students to be successful. The Handbook is a great resource, as are the online resources below:

  • Washington State Music Teachers MLP page  has the Music Literacy Program Handbook and other documents. Especially helpful are the MLP check lists by level for scales and check lists for other required exam materials.
  • Especially for Strings: WSMTA Music Literacy Program Curriculum Guide-Strings  PDF Format. Includes a table for Sightreading standards for Levels 1-10.
  • Wendy Stevens Website: then check under Resources dropdown menu for free rhythm worksheets that follow the MLP Levels, and other free teaching materials.  At the Store you can purchase sample Theory tests, Sight Reading examples, levels 1 – 10 (price listed on the site) all corresponding to the MLP Levels. Also available are the answers to all the web-site games, worksheets and the check list for each level. Print as many copies from your one purchase.
  • for free online games and worksheets levels 1 – 10 corresponding with the MLP Levels. Your students can do these on their own computers.
  • provides study materials for string students corresponding to the MLP levels.
  • has free interactive drills in theory and ear training, not necessarily matched to MLP levels.
  • with a monthly charge for up to 50 students, you find colorful teaching games especially for younger students.
  • Check online “Music Learning Resources” in general for many other music teaching materials web sites.

Piano Technique Testing: Actual exam score sheets show the scales to be learned for each level and the scoring rubrics. You may download, print and use these sheets in your studio to help your students prepare for Musicianship Exams.   Levels 1-10 (PDF)

Strings Technique Testing: Scales and arpeggios for 10 graded levels. PDF format.  Violin | Viola | Cello | Bass