Workshops and Monster Concert

MONSTER CONCERT : “A Journey Through Time”
February 16, 2019
North Kitsap Auditorium

The monster concert was GREAT!!!  Here are some mementos from the occasion:

A Journey Through Time program

2019 Monster Concert Poster-letter size

2019 Monster Concert Poster-12×18

Want to see more PICTURES?  Go HERE!    (Photo courtesy Madison Hennings)

IT’S ABOUT TIME   ditigal recording          performance recording with Kevin’s Introduction

(formerly known as Time Machine)

About Student Workshops and Concerts

Multi-day workshop events for students and the community are occasionally programmed by KMTA. Past visitors include film composer and arranger Grant Fonda; composer Kevin Olson; and jazz pianist and teacher Jeremy Siskind. Events like this are a great example of the collaboration and creativity that teachers can exercise as members of KMTA.