Keeping You Informed

Since many members don’t attend our monthly meetings, KMTA relies on this website and an email system to keep our members informed of upcoming events, including participation instructions, how to register etc. The KMTA Board has adopted the following methods for communicating with our membership.

KMTA Email and News Procedures

1) ITEMS POSTED ON WEBSITE NEWS PAGE, most recent items on top:
• “Public” info about upcoming student events and membership meetings
• Links to pages on the website containing full event information and downloadable documents (see below).
• News items can be posted at any time during the month.

• QUAVERS is published monthly as a formatted email. The outgoing email address is “”. This address does not receive incoming emails. Contact a KMTA member directly if you have questions about the email received.
• It contains more private info for the membership, such as monthly President’s and Vice President’s messages, recognition for members and students, recaps of completed events, selected local Arts news, non-KMTA competitions etc.
• Items in the Newsletter generally should not duplicate items posted on the website. Keep a Newsletter article brief, with links to full information on the website.
• Notices of upcoming events will be limited to a calendar list, with clickable links to the relevant information on the KMTA website.
• Past issues of QUAVERS are archived into PDF format and retrievable on the KMTA website.
• Send QUAVERS articles in by the 28th of the month for the next month’s issue.

• Second and third Reminder alerts about items previously posted online as News, especially if there are multiple reminders in the same message.
• Want-ad type postings of instruments for sale, employment opportunities, non-MTNA competitions etc.
• Other non-public communications.
• The outgoing email address is “”. This address does not receive incoming emails. Contact a KMTA member directly if you have questions about the email received.
• To avoid duplication of efforts, most items should be posted to the website as NEWS, not sent as private member emails. If you have questions about what category your news/announcement fits into, ask a member of the Board.
• We will not pass along press releases from local arts organizations (theaters, art galleries etc.) unless the news involves KMTA teachers as organizers or performers, or we are providing student ticket vouchers to the events.

• Registration forms, parent info letters, venue maps etc. are stored on the KMTA website for retrieval, NOT emailed to each individual member.
• Documents can be accessed by clicking links in the corresponding Event pages. (WSMTA already does this for MAP documents.)
• Online documents should be reviewed annually by event chairs to see where changes will be needed.
• Online documents can be quickly replaced if information needs to be updated. When email distribution is used, teachers may access old or incorrect versions of documents by mistake.

Send News, email items and documents to Laura Meredith (Internal Communications Chair). Laura will work with you to determine where your information should be posted and/or distributed. If you have input about our communications methods, please talk to a board member.