Carnival Info for Teachers

Due to ongoing restrictions on indoor gatherings, the 2021 Carnival event is cancelled. Individual teachers will be giving their own students the WSMTA Music Literacy Program exams in their studios.

Test papers, Test questions, and information about administering the tests is in this password-protected page .
Only teachers who registered their students for 2021 have been given password access to this page.
Testing must be concluded by May 7, 2021.

REGISTRATION (now closed for 2021)

Registration will be open from March 1 – April 1, 2021.

Info marked with ♦ is not needed for 2021 in-studio exams.

Carnival:MLP Registration Worksheet, 2021

REGISTRATION FORM: KMTA Carnival and WSMTA Music Literacy Program

Submit Scale Keys: Students registered for Technique (not needed for 2021 in-studio exams)

♦ Check your inbox for Parent Permission Slip and Liability Release Forms after registration has closed. (not needed for 2021 in-studio exams)

♦ Any parents or students (13+) that would like to volunteer at the carnival can sign up here!

There is a teacher fee of $40.00 which is waived for teachers that meet either of the following:

  • WSMTA/KMTA member teachers (become a KMTA/WSMTA/MTNA member –dues reduced by 50% at this time of year!), or
  • Teachers who are not members but are willing to help the day of the Carnival

Please go to the Music Literacy Program page for details on how to prepare your students and determine levels.

  • parent information letter detailing the Carnival and Music Literacy Program (formerly “Musicianship Exams”).
  • The carnival personnel/assignment list is in our Members Only section.
  • Options for Posters: “KMTA Ribbon Festival” or “KMTA Music Carnival.” Pick whichever one you would like to use to identify this event in your studio.
    Color versions only, but you can print on a black-and-white printer.
  • Contact any of the following with questions:

Debra Florian, NCTM                                        Dianne Johnston, WSCTM
KMTA Music Carnival Chair                              KMTA Music Literacy Program Chair
360-434-8684                                                   360-930-0168                          

Melanie Stroud, NCTM                                     Diane Layton, NCTM
KMTA Carnival Co-Chair                                  Music Literacy Program Co-Chair             
360-434-2117                                                   360-633-5082