Outstanding Scholar Award


At the annual Kitsap Music Teacher Association Senior Celebration, prizes are awarded to graduating High School and Home School Seniors who have continued their music study throughout their senior year.

Applicant must be a graduating High School or Home School Senior, currently studying with an active member of the Kitsap Music Teachers Association.

Points are granted for a variety of musical activities (mostly done throughout high school) and prizes are awarded based on point totals.

  • Please print out an Outstanding Scholar Award application for all current (and potential future) applicants and start tallying their points today!
  • Applications will be due in early May.

Prizes are awarded at the Senior Celebration (date and location TBA) as follows:

  • High Honors Scholar, $200: Awarded to the student who has accumulated the highest number of points.
  • Honors Scholars, $100: Awarded to the next four students who have accumulated the highest number of points.
  • Merit Scholars, $25: Awarded to all students who have accumulated a minimum of 10 points.